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Hot Springs & Hot Pools

Ruby Valley, NV

     The first edition of Hot Springs and Hot Pools of the Southwest was printed in 1975, when Jayson Loam "King of Hot Springs" decided to follow his dream.  Jayson believed that people ought to spend their time doing what they love, and his books are the obvious product of his philosophy.  After more than a decade of working solo,  Marjorie Gersh-Young joined ranks and together they set out on adventures to update and improve existing books. 

     Marjorie has been publishing hot spring guide books for over 25 years, and has enlisted a truly diverse bunch of people to contribute updates and adventures of their own.  Many of these contributors have been extraordinarily generous in sharing their knowledge and stories of hot water; many thanks to Bill Pennington and Camilla Van Sickle, Karin Burroughs and Brian Thoroman, Chris Andrews, Sally Jackson, and Debbie Johnson.  In addition there are many, many helpful, like-minded soakers that have sent in photos and updates to help make these guide books as accurate and informative as possible. 

    In 2016 Marjorie passed the baton to Michael & Tamarah Rysavy, just as she had "jumped in feet first" with Jayson Loam back in 1980, to author upcoming editions and continue producing the most definitive hot springs guide book printed in the United States.

Buckeye Hot Spring, CA

History of Hot Springs and Hot Pools, since 1975